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Dr. Hallowell's podcast about coping in our crazy, ever-connected modern world

At best, modern life dazzles us, giving us a chance to get more done in a minute than we used to do in a month. The entire world is available to us 24/7 at the touch of a finger, but at what cost? Plain and simple, we are bombarded with distractions every way we turn, threatening the quality of our lives and our ability to properly focus on the tasks that matter.


We tackle life’s most difficult subjects like raising children, forgiveness, stress and anxiety, the workplace, teachers and students, difficult people, health, peak performance, and so much more. Come hear experts’ advice on how to cope, reconnect and get the most out of life.


 "Hearing this information via a podcast helps me process it in another way that I really enjoy"


What is the Zing Program?

Zing Performance has developed an at-home program that stimulates the part of the brain responsible for controlling emotions. By performing daily coordinative exercises the brain can process information more efficiently leading to less mental overload.

Dr. Hallowell Meets Wynford Dore, Founder of Zing Performance

Listen to Dr. Ned Hallowell share his own family’s success story with Zing and describe himself as a ‘BIG FAN’ of this ‘very remarkable’ and unique online program, that unlocks potential, improves performance & creates lasting change. For kids & adults with Learning & Attention Issues.

How to get started with Zing


Take the Learning Assessment

Memory recall, attention and working memory are fundamental skills for a child to be able to learn in a classroom environment. The assessment we have
developed tests these three skill areas and shows you where your child's current skill level is compared to their peers


Talk to one of our experts

Once you've completed the assessment schedule a call with the Zing team. We'll talk through how Zing Performance can help and answer any questions you have about the program.


Find your FULL potential

By performing Zing exercises for 10 minutes a day you will finally be able to unlock the full potential of your brain and overcome your struggles.

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No one should put up with limitations that they can overcome. If you struggle with organization, focus, concentration, confidence, reading, or writing skills then this may be the answer you’ve been looking for.
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What They're Saying

"Feeling more confident, having a lot more fun. I'm excited to see where he's going to go from here."

Dr. Dawn Hill Mullins

"6 months in, his reading just exploded. We know it was because his eyes weren't tracking correctly. Now he can read a sentence properly."


"Miraculous results, confidence skyrocketing" are just some of the comments by Michael's family after completing the Zing Program.



Are You Or Your Child Are Caught In A Never-Ending Struggle With Reading, Writing Or Attention Issues?

If you are frustrated by a lack of progress and answers from teachers, doctors, and experts. If you or your child are one of the millions who struggle, THIS IS YOUR INVITATION to choose a new path starting today.

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